Love Your Life Coach, Victoria Destiny Walker, MS

I love my life! . . . But I didn’t always love my life . . .I'ts been a journey!

Here's my story . . . 

     Like many women, I experienced physical, emotional, mental & sexual abuse. as a child, teen & adult.

As a young adult I unconsciously married into and reenacted this familiar setting.  

After several unsuccessful personal attempts, 

I finally safely escaped with my three young children, then ages 1, 4 & 6. 

Although leaving initially placed us into a life of poverty, it was worth it to live without the abuse!

     After years of counseling and assistance from community programs, 

I was able to create stability for myself and my kids and I began to love myself and my life. 

I created a new circle of friends, went back to school, enjoyed fulfilling employment, and 

I learned to love myself and my life a little bit more.  

     Life has ups and downs and in 2014 my life was turned totally upside-down 

when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

After finding my way back to health, I shifted my careet and created Love Your Life Coaching, which gives me far more control over my life and allows me to continue focusing on healthy living practices.

     Now, I don't pretend that my life is perfect or that I am perfect. 

What I can say is that amidst difficulty, 

my life is founded, steady and stands firm on the love I build within and around me. 

     It is my hope to share this power of love and the power of women's groups with you. 

To be clear, it is not me who will change your life - it is you and your love that will change your life.  I will walk-along with you, to coach you and support you in the life you create

Are you ready?

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