Fall 2018 Weekly Groups & Weekend Retreat

2 to 14 day retreat

Love Your Health Retreat

This retreat is for women whose health is one of their highest values and are seriously ready to make some changes so they can begin the journey toward loving their body and really enjoy their health.

At each retreat I will be demonstrating, explaining and giving you lots of support to learn a new way of eating and living that will result in you loving your body, your health and your life more!

I will share how I lost 30 pounds, lowered my cholesterol from over 200 to below 135, cut my triglycerides in half and my blood glucose levels are no longer pre-diabetic, using a 90% whole-food, plant-based way of eating and a love your life way of living. I did this all in 90 days and I want to show you how! I will teach you how to shop, prepare and cook three meals a day plus snacks , how to handle going out to eat, potlucks, special occasions and how to save time and money too! We often have guest presenters at our retreats who demonstrate their favorite dish or meal and we can join in or just observe. These guests will also share their journey with us, struggles and successes.

This is a very practical retreat and a very serious kick start for you to begin your journey toward loving your body, health and your life! This may be a radical change for some women, so only sign up if you are really serious.

You can attend this retreat for 2 to 14 days, with a 2 day minimum and the price depends on your lodging - from single to shared occupancy.

It is recommended that you attend other upcoming retreats to help you maintain your successful journey! And as an alumni, your cost for future weekend retreats is only $100 for 2 days

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$110-$160 per day, 2 day min.


30 day


Love Your Health 30-day follow up services

These follow-up services are for women who completed a Love Your Health Retreat:
* Interactive posts with Victoria, your retreat cohort, guest speakers, previous retreat cohort members on a dedicated and closed Facebook group page
* Closed Facebook page also contains tons of photos and descriptions of Whole Food meals, snacks and desserts, resources and helpful tips 
* Weekly follow-up meetings
* Weekly video presentations
30 days of follow-up services are included in fee for each retreat. 
Each additional 30 days of follow-up services is $100

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Individual Retreat


Individual Love Your Health Retreat

If those who would like extra support, you can schedule to stay at the retreat for a designated period of time. The daily charge is only $150, with a two-day minimum, includes food, lodging and daily instruction and demonstrations.  

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By appoint.


Free Introduction to Love Your Life Services

This 1/2 hr free session provides women with an overview of the Love Your Life Services and a chance to ask questions

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Retreat and Group Details

I believe in the power of women and I believe in the power of women's retreats and groups! 

These retreats and groups will help you see where your power and the power in a group of women can take you! 

And you will be in good company with other like-hearted women who are seriously ready to love their life more.

* These retreats and groups can help you figure out what it is you really, really want and would love, love, love in your life.

* These retreats and groups are facilitated so each woman can focus on the area in her life that is most important to her, 

or the area that she is most ready to love more, at this time.

* I lovingly facilitate our sessions in ways that honor those who are more introverted and need time to process, 

as well as those who are extroverted and prefer to process verbally. 

I take my job seriously to balance the airspace so each women gets an opportunity to process in ways that are best for them and, 

in ways that does not monopolize the group, or leave anyone out.

* So to give honor for each type of processing, we will alter our activites: we will write, we will take time to think about questions posed to the group, we'll set aside some quiet time, we'll chat with others in small groups of two or three and with all the women in our group.

* There will be dedicated time in-between sessions to visit with others and/or to take time alone to re-energize ourselves - whichever is best for you.

* At the retreats, we will enjoy each other's company in the kitchen as we take turns preparing meals/snack, 

cleaning up together, getting a snack or having some tea or coffee.

* We will also have lots fun - there will be laughter, singing and dancing too.

* At the retreats, we will set up sleeping arrangements to honor those who prefer to go to bed and/or wake early, 

and will have a space for those who prefer to stay up late and visit.

* At the retreats we have floor level sleeping arrangements for those for whose bodies don't appreciate climbing stairs (two of our bedrooms are upstairs).

These groups and retreats are safe and comfortable places 
You will be surrounded by loving women, like yourself.  You won't forget these retreats/groups or these women. 

This experience can be a significant turning point in your life.

Trust Yourself. If you feel yourself being drawn to a retreat or to a group, then you know this is right for you. 

Even if you are nervous, you can make a decision to listen to your heart and follow its longing. 

These retreats and groups can be the start of the life you love or the nudge you need to love your life more.

How much will the group/retreat cost? Or you may consider, how much is it costing you not to love your life? 
Prices are listed above - Payment arrangements are available for everyone.

Email or call me to set up a time to chat to be sure this is a good fit for you and the group or retreat in which you are interested in joining.