Monthly Dances & Retreats

1st & 3rd Saturdays

No Dance on 4th of July Weekend

Next Dance - July 20th with Blue Lightning Band!

Women's Community Dances

6-9pm Potluck, Dance & Free Pool

2nd Weekends

Love Your life or Health Weekend Retreat

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Love Your Life, Women's Summer Camps!

Love Your Life, Weekly Groups

Small Groups

  • Weekly small group sessions
  • Uniquely designed for the group
  • Evening and afternoon groups
  • Held in women's homes, meeting spaces or online groups
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Weekend Retreats

  • Weekend Retreats
  • Join a group, sign up with a friend or  a  group of friends
  • Ready to put your old life behind?
  • Ready to start loving your life?
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Groups and Retreats

I believe in the power of Women
I believe in the power of Women's Groups

I believe Women's Groups have the power to Unleash Personal Power

Together We Unleash Each Other's Personal Power

This is the reason all of my services are in groups:

Weekly online or in person groups, 1/2 day - weekend retreats, and our very popular Women's Dances

Love Your Life  Coaching facilitates groups and retreats where women join together to  unleash personal and collective power

in the company with other like-hearted women who are seriously ready to love their lives more.

Would you like to figure out what you really want and would love, love, love in your life and unleash your personal power?

* These groups and retreats are facilitated so each woman can focus on the areas in her life that are most important.

* I lovingly facilitate our sessions in ways that honor those who are more introverted and need time to process,

as well as those who are extroverted and prefer to process verbally.

I take my job seriously to balance the airspace so each woman gets an opportunity to process in ways that are best for them, and

in ways that does not monopolize the group or leave anyone out.

* To honor each type of processing, we will alternate our activities with discussion, quiet time and various exercises.

* There will be dedicated time in-between sessions to visit with others and/or to take time alone to re-energize  - whichever is best for you.

Love Your Life & Love Your Health Retreats

These groups and retreats are safe and comfortable spaces with loving women, like yourself. 

You won't forget these retreats or these women - These retreats often form communities of sisters/friends.

* We have lots of fun, laughter, singing and dancing too.

* We set up sleeping arrangements to honor those who prefer to go to bed and/or wake early,

and will have a space for those who prefer to stay up late and visit.

*  We have floor level sleeping arrangements for those for whose bodies don't appreciate climbing stairs.

These retreats and groups can be the start of the life you love or the nudge you need to love your life more.

Email or call me to set up a time to chat to be sure this is a good fit.